How to register to start trading Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

I wrote this tutorial to help everyday people like myself (not an IT expert) to start trading Crypto Currency, I found it to be easy and not rocket science as perceived by some people. I used Ice3x (Ice Cube) which is an Crypto Currency trading platform for South Africa. I like it because you can trade Litecoin as well which is not available on Luno platform. Crypto Currency trading is the new BOOM! world wide and this also makes it an easy target for scammers. My experience has told me the following;

  • If you have to pay a third party to be able to trade it's most probably a scam (it is free to register a trading account)
  • Do not invest all your money in Crypto Currency, the market is very volatile but there is money to be made
  • When you register, first watch the market carefully before you trade especially if it is your first time
  • Start with small amounts (R 250)  

 Step 1

Click on this link Ice Cube exchange (Ice3x) to go straight to the registration page where you can register a new account.

Step 2

You will now see the following page; Click on the Register button to start the process.

Registration page Ice3x

 Step 3

Complete the registration by typing in your email address and password and click on Open an Account button. 

Step 4

You will now receive the following email, click on the Activate link. 

Step 5

Congratulations you are now a Crypto Currency Trader! Welcome to Ice Cube Trading platform South Africa, to proceed click on the Login button.

The login screen will display where you will insert the same email address and password you used to register with. Click on the Login button.


Next Step How to make a deposit into your Trading account




For more help go to Help Ice3x