How to withdraw money from your trading account into your bank account

Before you can withdraw money you need to confirm your banking account and personal details this could take one day, mine took 2 hours to verify.

Step 1

On the main page click on My Account, next click on Verification 

Step 2

Complete the form with all your personal details, make sure that your Residential Address and Bank Account is correct as you will have to supply them with the correct documents as proof. You do not need to enter the Nigerian part, next you can click on Submit.

Step 3

You will now receive a mail asking for the supporting documents to confirm your details.

Step 4

Once your account has been verified (could take 1 day) you can now click Withdraw on the ZAR row. Note in our example below the verification button is still red once verified the red will go away.

Step 5

Enter the amount that you would like to withdraw from your trading account and click Submit.

Step 6

Click on the Send link below, this will send you an email with a key number.


In the email that you received click on the Confirm Withdrawal link this will take you back to the website;

Step 7

You will now see that the Hash field is automatically filled in with your secret key code, click Confirm. This can take up to 3 days to reflect into personal bank account.



 For more help go to Help Ice3x