How to make a deposit into your trading account

After you registered Registration Process you can now start trading.

Before you trade we first need to make a deposit (EFT) from your private bank account into your trading account:

Step 1

After you have logged into your account the main trading screen will appear;

  • 1. If you can see the My Account button then you are Logged in and your registration process was successful
  • 2. On the left hand side you will see Markets, note you can only trade ZAR Markets, Which is BTC(Bitcoin), LTC(Litecoin) and ETH(Ethereum). Depending on which currency you select on this grid, it will load the specific currency data that you want to work with / trade
  • 3. Displays trading data where you can view and pick up trends and get an understanding of the price changes  

Step 2

On the main screen underneath the Trade fees, you will find My balances which displays your current balances in your trading account. To deposit Rand (ZAR) into your trading account, click on the Deposit/Withdraw button.

Step 3

On the ZAR row, click on Deposit to make a deposit into your trading account.

Step 4

First enter the amount you want to deposit into your account and press Confirm. 

Next you need to select the bank you wish to use to make a deposit to, click on the required Bank.

 Step 5

And now you will need to make an EFT deposit to the following account as displayed on your screen

  • The screen below is just an example of the layout that you can expect to see. Please use your screen details to make a payment.
  • The Beneficiary Reference is very important as they use it to link your EFT payment to credit your trading account.
  • Once you have made the EFT payment, your trading account will get credited in the next 2 - 72 hours depending which bank you use ( I was Standard bank and it took 24 hours to reflect), also note there are no fees when making a deposit. 

 Step 6

You can check your My Balances on the main page to see if your account has been credited yet, it will display in My Balances at ZAR as well as in the buy section depending in which currency you are.



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